Friday, November 24, 2017

     The Night Zoo

Tom Rivers has fuzzy scruffy ( not good hair cut ) hair. He has a dark night blue zoo coat and a blue hat with a golden elephant on each of them.  A magical torch , red shoes , and it looks like an old high school uniform.

Tom Rivers act like:
He looks after the animals at the night zoo and is a very brave hero but war started and the animals were in danger so Tom had to look after them more. He is an adventurous kid Tom is one of the most important person in the night zoo ( laud of north is a jerk ).

Tom's home  is the night zoo , he likes animals ,dislikes vegetable soap, bullies and spiders, Tom also has a really cool teleporting torch and a magical imagination, He is really good at drawing and writing stories.

That is Tom's personality.

Here is a link ( night zoo )

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