Monday, September 18, 2017


Yesterday at school on Wednesday, the kea class went into the Hoiho class. There was a Magician show in there, his name was Vas Kolovski!

First, he made fake feather flowers come out of a wand and then he introduced himself. He talked about healthy eating, he showed us this big poster with a plate on it. It had five different foods it had dairy, fruits, vegetables, protein, grains.

Secondly, He took Alanna up with him and they both did magic but Alanna couldn't hold the ball. She kept on dropping it.

Thirdly, Vas Kolovski told Dominic to come up, and he gave him a party hat and it kept on getting bigger. Then it went over her inter-head and it showed a picture of an unhealthy person.

My favorite part was when he pulled lots of clothes and pull out a big flower pot.

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  1. Hi my name is Arki from Westland High School. The magic show looked really fun! Once I went to a magic show at your school too because I used to go there. You are a great photographer. Happy blogging lukas from your friend the one and only Arki:)


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