Friday, September 8, 2017

Duck Creek

Visit to Duck Creek
On Friday last week, we went to Duck Creek. We found all sorts invertebrates. We found mayflies, snails, dobsonfly, stoneflies, and water boatmen.

Out of all the groups, we caught about at least 100 mayflies. I got a big net and caught about 1000 in there, there so many that I had to take them out.

We found plenty of Snails, they were all very small though they were only Snails. We pulled up a big rock and it had lots and lots of Snails on it.

My group went near the bridge. We found a huge bug called a Dobsonfly. The first one we found bit Luke and we looked for another Dobsonfly and we found one.

In summary, we went to Duck Creek because we wanted to find all the sorts of invertebrates. We found a lot!

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