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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

dafidle day

the yellow flower day for stoping cancer

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Friday, November 24, 2017

     The Night Zoo

Tom Rivers has fuzzy scruffy ( not good hair cut ) hair. He has a dark night blue zoo coat and a blue hat with a golden elephant on each of them.  A magical torch , red shoes , and it looks like an old high school uniform.

Tom Rivers act like:
He looks after the animals at the night zoo and is a very brave hero but war started and the animals were in danger so Tom had to look after them more. He is an adventurous kid Tom is one of the most important person in the night zoo ( laud of north is a jerk ).

Tom's home  is the night zoo , he likes animals ,dislikes vegetable soap, bullies and spiders, Tom also has a really cool teleporting torch and a magical imagination, He is really good at drawing and writing stories.

That is Tom's personality.

Here is a link ( night zoo )

Friday, September 22, 2017

The environment

Why we should look after the environment

I believe, that you should look after the environment because If don’t you will never see the green grass again! If you are one of those people who litter everywhere you better make a stop to it because if everyone copies you the whole planet will make the movie wall-e REAL!!!

In my opinion, we should definitely look after the planet like recycle all the stuff with 1,2,4, because if we don’t the planet will die and we will have to wear masks and we will be the ones to blame. There will be smog in the air and no H02.

I am sure that, if we pollute the planet we will have to wear big heavy suits and if that does happen I will be very sad/angry. You should be sad or angry too. If we work together we will make the planet get really healthy again.

Surely, if we don’t stop thermal heating it will go high and ice will melt, and smog will cover the sky with black. You will never see the blue sky again and the planet will die but if we stop factories from making plastic bottles, bags, toys, and all sort of other things made from plastic.

Therefore, the West Coast has lots of healthy streams and rivers.              There are lots of healthy invertebrates and the way we find out if it's healthy or not is catching invertebrates or rating it with A, B, C, D. Our creek next to the school was (A) lucky it wasn't (D) because if it was it would it will be gunky, and lucky it was (A) because (A) means the creek is super healthy but doesn't mean can you can drink from it.

Now, do you see why the environment is so important? What are
some things that you think are important for the environment?
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